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Delivering Happiness (A book summary)

Delivering Happiness Tony Hsieh Zappos

LISTEN ON ITUNES   (Your Free Tale) A Path of Worms Lesson: To find your path to success, experiment with wild ideas.   To this day he can smell the dirt and feel the flecks of mud and grime as it packed into his fingernails.  At 9 years old, Tony Hsieh crouched on his knees and frantically began digging. No doubt he appeared like a dog after a bone. Dirt, consisting of slivers of wood, clumps of grass and soil went flying all around the little boy. Where are they, he thought. This can’t be happening. In his hand was...

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Moral Case for Fossil Fuels by Alex Epstein (A Book Summary)

Alex Epstein Clean Energy Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

LISTEN ON ITUNES   (NOTE: The following is one tale from the full book summary. Sign up today and get the whole summary) A Difficult Truth Lesson: Every form of energy, every human action, has by-products and risks.   Journal Entry: September 14th, 2011   “This swamp has killed my neighbors,” the elderly man spoke in soft tones, but his anger seeped through clenched teeth. “It makes our teeth fall out and our hair turn white before our time. Children have drowned. . . drowned in that sludge.” The 74 year old farmer grimaces at the memory. The image of the...

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Can You Handle Tim Ferriss' Princeton Challenge?

4-hour workweek mini-retirements success Tim Ferriss

Listen on ITUNES Lesson: Doing the unrealistic is easier than doing the realistic   Author and Princeton alumni Tim Ferriss stood at the podium. He was not a professor. He had no specialized knowledge of computer programming or advanced algorithms; he wasn’t there to inspire them to save the rainforest or spread the wealth. He was there to teach them the principles of the new rich. His goal was to nudge them in the direction of designing the life of their dreams, rather than meld their existence into the common and traditional 9-5 mentality. On the stage he had a...

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John Wooden's B.O (Body Odor) Barn

John Wooden

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"Outliers: The Story of Success" A Book Summary

Malcolm Gladwell Outliers: The Story of Success

LISTEN ON ITUNES The following is a single tale taken from the book summary of Malcolm Gladwell's mega bestseller, "Outliers: The Story of Success."  The full summary includes the following tales extracted from the book: 1)  Avianca Flight 052 Lesson: Empowering your subordinates can save your business...and your life. 2) The Oppenheimer Fire Lesson: Neither genius nor talent is sufficient for success; you must light a fire in the minds of men. 3) The Apron Man Lesson: An immigrant family's secret recipe to achieve meaningful work. 4) The Magic Number of Greatness Lesson: it is the wrapping that makes that is...

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