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We believe that stories instruct.  We know that reading a nonfiction book like Good to Great can be enlightening. But the best parts of the book is often lost, due to lack of time. At Book Tales we take the stories from great nonfiction books and repackage them for the lifelong learner. Step into the world of great people in history. All in less than 3 pages each. 


"A wise man learns by the experience of others; a fool, by his own."


"I try to fit as much reading into my life as possible. Unfortunately, there's nowhere near enough room in my schedule for all the books I want to read! Book Tales provides far more than book summaries. Each tale is a crash course on business, management, leadership, and overall excellence. By distilling the content of popular books, Book Tales creates individual lessons for success. Book Tales is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to improve themselves personally or professionally." - Jacqueline N. LeClair, PMP


"Book Tales is such an amazing resource! My life is quite demanding from a time perspective. But, it is important to me to always be improving and learning. With Book Tales, I have easily been able to fit in my schedule the learning from the experiences of other great individuals that Book Tales provides."  Marco Romero -- ATW Investments



"The value of Book Tales is twofold: it introduces new books to me, and helps me recall key stories from ones I've read. After living abroad for four years, I had been forgetting some of the key lessons I'd taken from books like The Four Hour Workweek that had inspired me to take my entrepreneurial journey in the first place. Much to my chagrin, I felt as though I'd 'lost my way' on this path of world adventuring. But in reading through The Book Tales takeaways from Four Hour Workweek, I feel reinvigorated and have recaptured my original passion that set me on this course! I am looking forward to the next Book Tale, whether it's fresh content from a book I've never read, or a recap of an old title that I've finished but since forgotten."  -- Sean Doherty



"Book Tales made me realize that it's easy to carry around all these general principles of success in your head without really remembering what they mean in action and what they mean for your own life. Keeping the stories from business books fresh in your mind makes them much more meaningful (and usable) in your own life." Donovan Schafer Deep Drilling Insights