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Learn the weapons of influence used by compliance professionals everyday.

Influence is the ability to generate a yes in another person. In this book tale you will be introduced to underlying human behavior involved in producing "yes." No laboratory studies, all field tested and applied for over 30 years.












5 stories that will enable you to predict the future by inventing it.

Explore the lost world of big planning that was the early 1900s. Meet a Cyborg that may or may not have killed Osama Bin Laden. Discover the greatest triumph of Peter Thiel: an abject failure. Meet a man who sold a cloud and changed the world.













A selection of 6 incredible stories from the classic Jim Collins book

Find out how Progressive Insurance changed Wall Street forever. Explore the South Pole with the first men to reach it. Learn how to identify "Sea-level" for your team or company. And much more.


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The Ultimate Lifestyle Design Guide


In 2 pages learn a technique to answer the horrid question "So, whatdoyoudo?" Take Tim Ferriss' Princeton Challenge. Inspire your next audience with the fable "The Harvard MBA and the Fisherman."

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The Greatest Tales from the Greatest Self-Improvement Book of All Time 

In this Presentation you'll hear about a pastor's "Million Dollar Speech" how a decisive action from a few men sparked the American Revolution, the mythical origin of CocaCola and more.

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Delivering Happiness tells the unique story of

Experience CEO Tony Hsieh's entrepreneurial grit and boldness in the stories "A Path of Worms," "Tony Plays Poker," and "To the Summit and Beyond," among others.

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The Practical Guide to Attaining Power in Any Age.


 In the Book Tales Presentation, learn the secrets behind Harry Houdini's public persona, take a walk with a homeless man employed by P.T. Barnum, and go on a journey thousands of years old to learn from a Roman Statesman.

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Learn to Become a Master from History's Greatest Masters.

8 incredible journey stories including men like Charles Darwin, Bill Bradley, John Keats, Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin and more. 

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The Fight for Rational Energy Begins Here

Meet the Socrates of Climate Science, travel to a Modern Day Eden, and read the untold story of everyone's favorite superhero in "Superman Saves a Village." 

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The Best Stories from America's Best Storyteller

The Beatles and Bill Gates have more in common then you might think. How does on measure genius. And what can we learn from plane crashes?


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The Psychology, Sociology, and Marketing of Making Your Product or Idea Spread Like the Plague


The Paul Revere tale will instruct you on "The Power of the Messenger." In "make Your Message Sticky," an underdog in advertising demolishes a Madison Avenue darling. And many more.

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The Salesman is Dead. Long Live the Salesman!

 How customers buy and how we sell has changed. Download the tale about a blind beggar and an advertising executive to teach your team how to make an idea clear. Learn about the World's First Elevator Pitch. Keep a "Lonely Radiologist" company. And many more.

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People Don't buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it

Inspire your company or yourself with the battle to be the first in flight. Read how a job wanted ad saved 28 lives. And discover the magic marketing bell that could be bringing your company down.















 Changing the Employee-Employer Relationship

The language needed for millennials to talk to their employers and vice versa is elucidated in the stories of this presentation. Enter the room when John Lasseter is fired from Disney; go to war with PayPal; witness the career transformation of a young analyst into the most sought after executive in Silicon Valley.











WOO: Winning Others Over

Nelson Mandela, George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, Charles Lindbergh and Bono could not be more different. What is the one thing they all have in common? They are all world-class persuaders.














 The Ancient Philosophy for Overcoming Obstacles Brought to a Modern Audience

Tales include characters like Rockefeller, Amelia Earhart, Ulysses S. Grant, Edison and others. Each faced insurmountable odds. Each utilized these maxims.














Re-imagining Creativity

Excellent stories for any manager. Step into the room as Pixar develops The Incredibles and Monster's Inc. Learn lessons from an academic computer engineer on how to achieve creativity.














Stories from One of America's Best CEOs

Need tales revolving around leadership? Need a talk to inspire? Try"Luck, a Line and choosing a Career." Need to show what honesty really looks like? Try "Honesty's Garden" and hear the tale of how a little "tweak" can truly be the most atrocious act.













Springboard Your Life from Where It Is to Where You Want It To Be 

 9 unique stories showcasing successful people you have never heard of, but should.















It's Just Common Sense!

Even in economics books can be found amazing tales to inspire. Hear what happened to the giant A&P Corporation, and how a little guy named James took down Sears and Montgomery Wards.















Truth is Stronger than Myth

The Steve Jobs we all knew was an image of his youth. The true evolution includes never before told stories that will inspire and instruct.